CyTOF 2.1


CyTOF 2.1 is an upgraded version of the second generation mass cytometer, capable of measuring 135 different mass channels (75-209 amu) at the peak throughput of around 1000 cells/sec. It analyzes individual cells labeled with stable metal isotopes using state-of-the-art inductively coupled plasma time-of-flight technology and has the capability to simultaneously resolve multiple elemental probes per cell at high acquisition rates, thereby maximizing the per-cell information obtained from a single sample.

Mass cytometry employs elemental tags that are uncommon in biological systems. Cells stained with metal-conjugated probes in a single-cell suspension are introduced into the CyTOF 2 and undergo a multistep process within the instrument to detect these metal tags and record the identity and amount of each probe on each cell.




Usage fees for UZH employees

Sample preparation for acquisition 50 CHF/hour
Sample acquisition (Independent user) 50 CHF/hour
Sample acquisition by the operator 100 CHF/hour

Usage fees for external users

External users can gain access to the equipment and services under a specific agreement. Please contact Vinko Tosevski for additional details.

We stand at your disposal for discussion and assistance in using the mass cytometry technology in your work.