Education and training

Mass Cytometry and Computational Data Analysis Workshop Nov 14th - 16th 2017

In-depth 3-day workshop introducing mass cytometry and computational data analysis to our users and collaborators and expanding their capacity to plan and execute robust mass cytometry experiments.
The workshop is organized up to 3 times per year, depending on the need. The maximum number of participants is 12 and the work is done in 2 smaller groups, to maximise the engagement.
DataCamp for the Classroom
Part of our work has been supported by the DataCamp and their DataCamp for the Classroom initiative.
Day 1: Experiment planning, Panel design and validation, Instrument operation
  • Introduction to mass cytometry
  • Experimental planning and panel design
  • Antibody labeling and metal content determination
  • Antibody titration and panel validation
  • Operating the CyTOF 2.1 Instrument

Day 2: Data analysis in scripted environment
  • Theoretical background - data formats and structure
  • Theoretical background - unsupervised machine learning methods in flow cytometry data analysis
  • Introduction to selected data analysis algorithms
  • Introduction to R
  • Flow cytometry data analysis in the R environment
Day 3: Tutorials and further hands-on data analysis
  • Establishing and validating panels for
    • simple
    • intermediate
    • complex experiments
  • Matching instrument and panel performance
  • Introduction to Cytobank
  • Flow cytometry data analysis using combined workflows
    • Extending Cytobank functionality using R
Participation fees
For researchers with active projects with the facility
  • 400 CHF - UZH employees
  • 600 CHF - non-UZH academic employees
  • 850 CHF - non-academic researchers

For researchers without active projects with the facility
  • 600 CHF - UZH employees
  • 850 CHF - non-UZH academic employees
  • 1100 CHF - non-academic researchers

The fee includes also lunch and 2 coffee breaks each day. Accommodation is not included but affordable option can be booked through our lab (Coronado hotel, accross the campus, 120 CHF / weekend night or 150 CHF / weekday night, breakfast included). Please, inform us if you wish to use this option.