Irchel Cytometry lab

Most of our instruments are located in Y44 G 03 at the Lichthof.

Labhead of the Irchel location is Christina Ewald

Our staff members have their office in  Y23 K 12.

New location FCF

You will find the following instruments at Irchel:

FACS Canto

LSR II Fortesssa




Image Stream X

Sony Spectral Analyzer SP6800


Schlieren Flow Cytometry and Microscopy Lab.

The sister core facilities (FCF/ZMB) run a technology platform in Schlieren at Wagistrasse 12 on the 5th floor.
The office and instruments are located in WAD K 104 and WAD K 105. A fully equipped cell culture lab for all instrument users can be found in WAD K 102.

Labhead of the Schlieren location is Philipp Schätzle.

How to get there with the shuttle bus from Irchel/USZ?


You will find the following instruments in Schlieren:


LSR II Fortessa

Confocal Microscope SP8

Zeiss Widefield


Cytometry Lab at the University Hospital (USZ)

Our flow lab at the University Hospital is located at the Institute of Pathology in Schmelzbergstrasse 12 in room PATH G 49. 

A cell culture hood is located in the lab and can be used by all instrument users.


At the USZ you can find following instruments:


LSR II Fortessa

FACS Canto


Biosafety lab class III  Irchel

The Institute of Medical Virology operates a Biosafety Level 3 (Y36M) laboratory, including a high speed sorter. This room is not freely accessible to users allowing only operator-based sorts.


Cytometry Lab at August Forel Strasse - Childrens Hospital

The Cytometry Facility can be found at August Forel Strasse 7 in room FOSB08.


The following instrument can be found at AFS:

FACSMelody 3L - AFS