Service offered at the Cytometry Facility

Training and Education in Flow Cytometry

The Cytometry Facility offers training in operating the analyzers to all members of the University of Zurich.

Users with extensive sorting needs and prior experience in flow cytometry can be trained in cell sorting on an individual basis.

Additionally, the theoretical and practical aspects of flow cytometry are presented in more detail in our courses.

New technologies and emerging developments in the flow field are covered by our cytometry seminar series.


Operator based sorts

Our Aria III cell sorter can sort particles up to ~50 μm in diameter. This enables us to sort organelles, bacteria, eukaryotic cells and some larger multicellular structures. The sort of very small particles is not limited by size but requires sufficient labeling to be discriminated from background signal.

Samples labeled with all conventional fluorochromes and fluorescent proteins can be processed.

Operator-based sorts are charged 100 CHF per hour and are booked based on individual needs. The full booking procedure is described here.

We receive your sample and provide the sorted material according to prior agreement. You can join the sort session or use the opportunity to perform different work, while the sort is running.


Data analysis

The facility supports their users in all questions of data analysis and experimental design. This can range from simple questions as setting gates correctly up to extensive collaborations on analyzing high dimensional data sets.

Support to research groups purchasing or hosting their own flow cytometer

The Cytometry Facility offers support to all research groups in purchasing flow cytometry instrumentation.

Based on your research needs, we discuss appropriate instrument solutions with you and provide direct contact with the manufacturers.

We help research groups with an own cytometer by supporting and training the person in duty with special emphasis. If you are responsible for a cytometer, we warmly welcome you to contact us any time!

For more information contact Claudia Dumrese