Save your data

All users

In general, all USB drives are deactivated on the instruments. Instead, the instrument computers are connected to network drives, which allow you saving data with following specifications. The network driver are automatically connected to the computer when you log on with you Core account and are also accessible within our virtual IT infrastructure. 

This table gives you an overview over the network drives:

Name Size Backup Auto-deleted after Purpose 
home  1 GB  daily   only after you leave the Cytometry Facility as a User

Storage of application settings, protocols, lab-notes.

data up to 250TB depending on shared usage no  

90 days (a warning email will notify you 7 days before deletion)

Storage of files that are recorded and processed at Cytometry Facility.

transfer up to 250 TB depending on shared usage no   7 days without warning!

Sharing data with other users and Cytometry Facility staff.

Data security

All fileservers, but also the data analysis infrastructure with the VMs were designed with respect to performance, not security. To achieve these goals there are some tradeoffs in terms of data protection. Data on our standard fileservers is not protected by regular backups. Disk failures on the servers hosting the VMs will cause a crash of the running VMs with subsequent loss of processed data, but stored data will be not affected by such an incidence.