VM trouble shooting

Problems with Citrix Receiver connection

Changes/updates on the virtual machines require a manual refreshment of your profile.

You can easily do this by following this steps:

1) Click on your name in the top right corner of the Citrix application

2) Choose "Refresh Apps" from the drop down menu

3) Try to connect again with the virtual machine you want to use

Citrix update

4) This procedure did not solve the problem?
Please contact us it@zmb.uzh.ch and provide a short problem description + a screenshot of the error message if possible.

Cannot access the booked VM but get this message instead!

VM blocked by other user

This usually appears when another user is blocking your VM.

Please do the following:

1) Double check whether you have booked the VM for the intended time

2) Check the status of the VMs on the following link Status of FCF/ZMB virtual machines. If there are free VMs available try to connect again and otherwise refresh Citrix (see section above).

3) In case this doesn't help or all VMs are "in use" please contact us at it@zmb.uzh.ch or when urgent call +41 44 634 26 86

My VM session automatically disconnected!

1) Did you reserve your VM via the shared equipment system?

If not you may have been disconnected by an administrator.

2) You did not use the VM for a while? 

All virtual machines will automatically disconnect after a defined time if you don't use them (move mouse for instance). Check our "Forced log off policies" for more details.

3) Is there a way to restore my FlowJo analysis.

No just the analysis data that has been stored beforehand on the FCF-fileserver will be available in the next VM session. ► Always quickly save your FlowJo session if you are getting suddenly interrupted in your analysis by lab duties.

Software asks for license

If a software asks for license please select the "hardware-based license (dongle)" option to avoid this problem in the future.