The FACS Canto II has 3 laserlines 405 nm (violet), 488 nm (blue) and 633 nm (red) and allows simultaneous measurements of 10 parameters (FSC, SSC and 8 fluorophores).


Important: Please filter all your samples prior to measurement ( ⇒ Falcon #352235) and perform all washing steps described in the SOP to avoid clogging of the system.

Samples can only be loaded in 5 ml FACS tubes made of polystyrene (clear plastic e.g. FAL352058), polypropylene tubes (milky plastic like e.g. falcons or Eppis) will not pressurize. Minimum sample volume is 200 ul.
If you have sample volumes < 200 ul to load you can place an additional micronic tube in the 5 ml tube (e.g. Vitaris, Product no.: 32022-MIC).

The instrument is located at USZ, Schmelzbergstrasse 12, in room PATH G 49.
Telephone: 044 255 37 88



Biosafety note: All our analyzers run on a biosafety 2 permit. Please treat the workspace accordingly and indicate the biosafety level of your experiment in the instrument booking system.

If there is any doubt about the biosafety classification of your experiments please contact us  info@cytometry.uzh.ch



Usage of the instrument requires an introduction that is provided by the facility.

New users ►  please register with the facility.

Registered users ► request an introduction by email to  info@cytometry.uzh.ch