Spectral Analyzer - Irchel

Spectral unmixing

The Sony SP6800 Spectral Analyzer uses spectral technology to optimize sensitivity and enhance dim signal detection. As opposed to conventional flow cytometry the complete fluorescence emission spectrum is recorded instead of focussing on a narrow band pass window to increase sensitivity. The 32 channel PMT collects photons in a range of 420 nm to 800 nm. Spectral technology can also simplify multicolor panel design, by eliminating bandpass filters and conventional compensation matrices. This technology also facilitates the study of heterogeneous and highly autofluorescent populations.

Lasers and laser focus points

The Sony SP6800 has a 488 nm laser, a 405 nm, and 640 nm laser. The 405 nm and 640 nm laser are colinear, whereas the 488 nm laser is spatially separated.

How many parameters can be recorded?

As long as the spectral emission pattern of the fluorochromes used in a panel are sufficiently different there is no official limit. Up to 16 fluorochromes can be combined relatively easily. Standard panel design rules apply also for this technique. Please refer to the Sony SP6800 Fluorochrome guide for more details.

Standardization options

A global standardization mode automatically sets the system to a master specification. This capability eliminates instrument variability from day to day and across multiple instruments for greater reliability and multi-site studies.

Improved acquisition quality control

The Flowpoint core stability and tracking system and automated QC facilitate data quality control to ensure the highest resolution possible of target populations.

User friendly

The system features an easy to use software that automates alignment and laser delay with set up wizards and simplified voltage settings.


Please contact us by email to  info@cytometry.uzh.ch if you want to make use of this new technology platform or you have further questions.