Spectral flow cytometry analysis

Seminar in Spectral Analysis

Save the date ! 22nd of March 2018 at 17:15 in Y 13 L 11/13 Melanie Piedavont - Salomon will speak about the new technology of spectral analysis in flow cytometry at the Cytometry Facility.

Spectral flow cytometry provides new tools to increase the possibilities of single cell analysis. Unlike conventional flow cytometers spectral analyzers utilize a custom prism assembly and a 32-channel PMT to detect fluorescence. This engineering design enables a maximum amount of information to be captured from each interrogated cell. It negates the use of interference filters and minimizes the loss of collected photons. Cell heterogeneity and rare cell populations can be analyzed on single cell level using new spectral tools, including autofluorescence analysis as well as spectral fingerprints.