FACSMelody 3L - AFS

Sorter Specifications

The FACSMelody cell sorter operates on FACSChorus software and allows the detection of 9 Fluorochromes along with forward and side scatter as specified in the optical setup.

A gentle pressure of 20psi allows medium speed cell sorting of various biological materials using a 100 um nozzle size.

Please consult our guidelines for sample preparation if you are unclear about how to prepare your cells for the sorting.

Two-way sorts can be collected into 1.5-,  2.0- and 5.0-mL tubes. Alternatively, one-way sorts into 6-, 24-, 48-, 96- or 384-well plates is an option. The sorted cells as well as sample material can be temperature controlled between 4° - 42°C during the whole sorting procedure.

FACSMelody at FCF
FACSMelody at FCF

The Melody sorter can be operated by independent power users who successfully completed the full cell sorting training for the Aria sorter. Users will require just a short additional technical introduction for learning the Melody specific workflow. Please contact the facility under info@cytometry.uzh.ch for any questions and training requests.

The Instrument is operated at August Forel Str.7 in room FOSB08. Please contact Hannes Sigrist for room access.