Bio 629 Advanced Course in Flow Cytometry

August 30st - September 2nd 2021

1 ECTS point

Course confirmation can be expected latest 25th of Aug, but not before Aug 20th.

Course overview

Module based in-depth flow cytometry course on selected applications and techniques. Theoretical lectures will be combined with hands-on sessions on the instrument. Our goal is that participants will acquire conceptional & technical skills allowing them to actively implement these techniques in their experimental routine.


The course is aimed at PhD students / Postdocs / Master students from UZH / USZ / ETH with previous experience in flow cytometry, who are seeking to improve their skills in advanced flow cytometry applications. The course allows a maximum of 20 participants.


  1. Imaging Flow Cytometry: Bridging the gap between microscopy and flow cytometry
  2. High Dimensional Flow Cytometry: Using R in flow cytometry
  3. Spectral Flow Cytometry
  4. High speed cell sorting

These one day modules cover theoretical background as well as data acquisition with the CyTOF, Image Stream X Mark II and Sony Spectral Analyzer instruments. The practical sessions will be followed by data analysis with hands on R and IDEAS software and a demonstration of Cytobank. In case we need to cancel on of the modules at short notice there will be an alternative module on high-speed cell sorting (Aria III droplet sorter) instead.

Registration and costs

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Currently, we are planning this course in an online format. This may change depending on the pandemic situation and will be published here.