IT Infrastructure

General comments

If you cannot find the answer to your questions regarding computer logins and Virtualized Infrastructure on this website please contact our IT Team or in urgent cases call 044-63-42686.


The new booking system: one login for booking and instrument usage

Booking System login page Example

From 1st of January 2018 your login to the booking system hosting all cytometers will be your CORE LOGIN and the corresponding password (same as for the instrument login).

The Core login is usually composed of the first letter of your first name, a dot and your lastname (Thomas Test = t.test).  The Core password has been sent to you by email upon your registration.

If you want to register with the facility please DO NOT use the "First registration" link in the booking system but use our project registration form instead.

Reset your Core Domain password

Click here to reset your password.

Recover your Core Domain user name

You can find out your Core account user name by entering the email address you used for the registration at the Flow Cytometry Facility on the Core username retrieval page. You will receive an email with your Core account user name.

The standard pattern is: first letter of your first name separated by a dot from your family name i.e. h.meyer for Hans Meyer.


Change your Core Domain password

Reset your DIVA software login

If you are using our Becton Dickinson flow cytometers you need to login with a personal Diva login provided to you during your technical introduction.
If you forget your username or password we can help you during the log in procedure remotely, just let us know beforehand via

VM information

Outside the UZH network, you will need to login with your UZH short name & password before you can access the VM info webpages.