Cell sorters

Cell sorters at the Cytometry Facility

Our facility currently runs five BD Aria III and one BD S6 cell sorter that are primarily available to UZH and ETH researchers. The sorters are partially available for operator based sorting service, while all of them can be used by trained "Power Users".

The cell sorter can process particles up to ~50 μm in diameter. This enables sorting of organelles, bacteria, eukaryotic cells and some larger multicellular structures. Samples labeled with all conventional fluorochromes and fluorescent proteins can be processed

Prizes for instrument usage can be found here.

Operator based sorting

The sorted material is provided by our staff members according to prior agreement. You can use the opportunity to perform different work, while the sort is running. The sorts are arranged on individual needs of the the users. Operator based sorts are exclusively offered for the Irchel and Schlieren locations. The complete booking procedure is described here.


The Cytometry Facility provides intensive training in cell sorting for subsequent independent instrument usage. More information about the "Power User" training is available here.