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Cytometry Facility

Flow cytometer - analyzer

Analyzers at the FCF

The usage of each analyzer requires a technical introduction which can be requested by contacting us via

Prices for instrument usage can be found here.




Cancellation policy for flow cytometer

Cancellation policy is described in the facility guidelines. Briefly, bookings of analyzers can be cancelled up to 24h before usage.

Reminder for the last user of the day:

  1. The last user of the day is always responsible for the instrument shutdown regardless of whether the booked slot is used or not.
  2. If you can not be present in person for the shutdown, you may contact the previous user or a colleague who has access to the instrument.
  3. The booking system allows you to extract contact details of all users who booked the respective instrument.
  4. If you do not receive a confirmation from the previous user or colleague that they will take care of the shutdown, you remain responsible for the instrument.
  5. If you can not find a solution independently please contact the facility staff and ensure that we will take over and solve the issue for you.


Weiterführende Informationen

Multicolor staining

Introductions on building multicolor staining panels can be downloaded here. 

Penalty points

Following these rules will ensure all users can run their experiments.