Introductory Course in Flow Cytometry - Bio 632

Date & Registration

Our next course will take place from 2nd - 4th of Nnovember 2021. The course is changed to a complete online format! The registration for the subsequent course in January 2022 will not open before November 8th.

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The course will take place as an online course using Microsoft Teams software from 9:00 - 17:15 every course day. Please make sure to have a running Teams version.

General information

This beginner course provides a systematic introduction to flow cytometry via a series of lectures. The course includes theory session on instrument layout, panel design, fluorescence and detection of fluorescence, spectral features, controls in flow cytometry, data structure & visualization and principles of manual data analysis. The theory will be complemented by practical workshops on compensation and panel design.

During the instrument demonstration we will record various experiments on our instrument. In the final session we will guide you through a complete cytometry experiment. Starting from staining PBMCs, recording controls & samples and finally analyzing the data of our 6 color demo T-reg panel.

1 ECTS for the course


Teaching Flow Cytometry at Flow Cytometry Facility University Zurich