Flow Cytometer Analyzer Training

Technical introduction

Independent work on the facility analyzers is exclusively possible after a technical introduction. A technical introduction is charged with 90 CHF and is performed for 3 hours in groups of three participants for all complex analyzers. Cancellation: a technical introduction needs to be canceled latest 3 working days in advance, otherwise, the full fee will be charged.

Please request an appointment for an technical introduction for our analyzers by email to info@cytometry.uzh.ch

The introduction session takes approximately three hours and involves:

  • start-up
  • shutdown
  • theory of the optical system
  • theory of the fluidics system 
  • cleaning procedures
  • standard operation procedures (SOPs)
  • login and remote support options
  • FACSDiva software
  • compensation
  • usage of the facility booking system 
  • data export and storage policies

If you would like to use the High Throughput Samplers (HTS) please indicate this in your email and we will try to provide an introduction directly after the introduction session.

Your first independent analyzer session can be supported by an operator on request (charged 65 CHF/hour).