Cytek Aurora 5L - Spectral Analyzer - Irchel 1

Spectral unmixing

The Cytek Aurora is a 5 laser spectral flow cytometer with 64 fluorescence + 3 scatter channels that can process up to 30'000 events/s.

Spectral unmixing with the 64 fluorescence channels allow for panels with up to about 60 colors. Cellular autofluorescence can be extracted during the unmixing process.

The installed, spatially separated lasers are: 355 nm (UV), 405 nm (Vio), 488 nm (Blue), 561 nm (YG) and 640 nm (Red).

The instrument is user friendly in handling and the software. Samples can be loaded using standard FACS tubes or 96 well plates.

Differences between Aurora 1 and 2:

Aurora 1 and 2 have the same optics and detection channels and differ only by the sample loader options.

  • Aurora 1 has a plate loader that can cool and heat the samples in the plate but can only load standard 96 well plates.
  • The loader on Aurora 2 has no temperature control but can load standard 96 well plates, 96 deep well plates and tube racks.

Spectral analyzer room phone 044 63 55 330

The instrument is located on the Irchel Campus in 44 G 3f.

Usage of the instrument requires an introduction that is provided by the facility.

New users ►  please register with the facility.

Registered users ► please fill the web form on our online education platform (you will require your core account credentials for login). If you have further questions about the spectral technology don't hesitate to contact us by email

SpectroFlo Software

The SpectroFlo software can be used independently from the instrument on one of our virtual machines (FCF - Cytek SpectroFlo VM), e.g. for changing your unmixing or setting up your experiments.

See Data processing virtual machines for how to book and connect to the virtual machine.

Note that the software on the instrument is completely independent of the one on the virtual machine. All data/settings etc have to be transferred via export/import.