NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer - Irchel

The NanoAnalyzer  is a dedicated flow cytometer built specifically for analyzing nano-sized particles. Based on light scattering and fluorescence it can detect small biological particles down to ~40 nm in size.

The machine is equipped with a 488nm and 640 nm laser and records SSC and up to two fluorescent channels with highly sensitive photon avalanche diodes.


Instrument specifications
Optimal sample concentration 1 x 108 - 1 x 109 particles/ml
Sample flow rate 5 - 60 nl/min
Sheath flow rate 10 - 40 µl/min
Calibrated sample size range for SSC

S16M-Exo: 40 - 200 nm

S17M-MV: 150 - 1000 nm

Maximum particle size to be loaded 1 µm
Sample loading 0.6 ml microtubes
Optimal sample event rate 2000 - 12000 events/min

Note: The samples can be exclusively loaded in 0.6 ml microtubes (MCT-060-L-C, Axygen or alternative supplier) which are not provided by the facility!

Compensation cannot be applied in the Nanoanalyzer software but data can be exported as FCS files to calculate compensation in different software.


Telephone NanoAnalyzer: 044 63 55 357

The instrument is located at  Y44G03

Please contact for a project discussion.